Payroll Professionals

We are here to serve all your payroll needs.  Our personalized service ensures that every payroll is processed in a timely, accurate and professional manner.  Our hands on approach allows us to get to know each client and their unique payroll needs,
so that we can provide you the best service.


As your payroll firm we can handle the following:

  • Automatic tax payments
  • Automatic direct deposit
  • Payroll garnishments, 401K and Health Insurance deductions
  • W-2 processing at the end of the year
  • Processing for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Payrolls
  • Processing for comanies with 1 - 5000 employees
  • Workman Comp Audits
  • Issues regarding unemployment
  • Multi-state and nationwide payroll processing
  • EFTPS ( Electronic Filing Tax Payments)
  • Payroll delivered to your door
  • Same day service (without direct deposit)



Weekly: Starts at $21.20 per pay period

Bi-Weekly: Starts at $31.95 per pay period

Semi-Monthly: Starts at $35.05 per pay period

Monthly: Starts at $47.75 per pay period

Quarterly: Starts at $75.70 per pay period




*Prices Subject to Change



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